Products that complement our philosophy

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From the careful selection of organic and locally-sourced products to our commitment to sustainability, we take great pride in our mindful approach. 

What sets us apart is the years’ worth of expertise rooted in science to develop meaningful, multi-sensory experiences for our guests.  

And that’s why we’re privileged to partner with industry leaders such as ishga and OSKIA, whose exceptional products complement our philosophy perfectly. 


 Named after the Gaelic word for water, it’s no surprise the ocean sits at the heart of ishga’s award-winning organic skincare range. Its products are developed in the Outer Hebrides using the pure, clean spring water from the Isle of Lewis and four types of sustainably hand-harvested Scottish seaweed.

Seaweed is one of nature’s many gifts. It has been used for centuries for its potent natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining healthy, glowing skin and preserving natural collagen. With a range of high performing products suitable for all skin types, your ishga treatment will leave your skin feeling nourished, firm and hydrated.


OSKIA’s award-winning formulas are a unique blend of easily absorbed nutrients and actives proven to give you a beautiful glowing complexion. Working on a cellular level, OSKIA’s products use patented technology to combine vitamins, minerals, proteins and omegas to boost your cells’ activity leading to healthier, happier skin that truly glows from within.

Each indulgent spa treatment with OSKIA is tailored to you. Combining traditional practices such as acupressure, specialist natural face therapy massage, reflex and lymph drainage with modern AHA and BHA exfoliation, your next OSKIA treatment will leave your skin, body, and mind in utter bliss.